• Work with Me

    Together we climb higher

Work with Me

Together we climb higher

When you work with Moving Boulders one thing becomes apparent, this is nothing like what you have experienced before. You will climb higher, become stronger, and do it more quickly than you have every done before. We create personalized coaching plans that will help you lift and shape your life. You are special and unique. The boulders of the past have shaped you into the person you are today. Donít you think it is time you shape how the boulders of your future will look. It is time to act, not react. With Moving Boulders on your team, you get to determine what the future looks like, you get to act upon your surroundings to shape them into the world you have always wanted to live in.

Here is what you can expect when you decide to work with Moving Boulders:

  • A personalized coaching plan, specifically molded to your needs and desires

  • A sense of personal empowerment and confidence

  • A scientific approach to human nature as it relates to change within us

  • The ability to see the world around you from a perspective that you never would have imagined

  • The knowledge of how to deal with difficult situations

  • An understanding of what you can and canít control

  • A lot of hard work. Change can be difficult, with a lot of hard work and humility, victory can be certain.

Donít you think itís time to stop living life on someone elseís terms and start controlling your own destiny? Contact us and succeed in achieving your goals.

One on one mentorship designed to help you realize your potential quickly and effectively.  We will together create a custom designed program about you, for you, with your needs in mind.

"Kevin really helped me re-evaluate my life goals and spot my own personal obstacles.  Working with him one on one, was a great way to force myself to take the leap and become a better self."  James Hutchens